Empresa de Usinagem de Peças de Precisão | MZ Usinagem

Peças de Precisão, Ferramentaria e Eletrodos Solda Ponto | MZ Usinagem

A MZ Usinagem atua no segmento de usinagem
de peças de precisão

Founded in 1987, MZ Usinagem is specialized in the manufacture of spot welding electrodes.

Installed in the city of Campinas/SP, its processes are formed by conventional and CNC lathes, machining centers, milling machines, EDM EDM, cylindrical and flat grinding machines, etc. The company manufactures parts for several segments, and its main customers are in the automotive and electronics industry.

With experience and technical knowledge, we identify and propose suitable solutions for the specific needs of our customers. We provide quality to our products and services, economy, practicality and safety.